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Newton-Raphson method (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Newton-Raphson method

Work cat.: 92-186946: Radzik, T. Newton's method for fractional ... 1992.

Eisenreich. Mathematik: p. 545 (Newton['s] method; Newton-Raphson algorithm, Newton-Raphson formula, Newton-Raphson method, second-order Newton-Raphson process, quadratically convergent Newton-Raphson process, Newton['s] approximation formula)

Math. subj. classif. (49-XX, Calculus of variations and optimal control, Optimization, 49Mxx, Methods of successive approximations; 49M15, Methods of Newton-Raphson, Galerkin, and Ritz types)

Encyc. dict. math.: p. 1125 (Newton-Raphson method; Newton iterative process)

Encyc. math. (Newton method; method of tangents)

CompuMath cit. index.

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